Selena’s Testimonials

Testimonials for Selena’s Email Tarot Reading

I found the Tarot reading Selena did for me to be very accurate and revealing. The question I asked was answered as was the question I didn’t know to ask.  This reading really helped me recognize the situation I was dealing with, and gave me wonderful food for thought which helped me to get through it. She is a very gifted and sincere reader, which in this day and age is a blessing. Thank you, Selena!   Michele

Thank you so much for my free reading, it was very in depth and also very accurate to my current situation, in fact some things came to light about my new man that have proven everything your reading said about him to be true! . . . .  Anyway thank you so much your reading has really helped me a great deal.    Sonia

Selena gave a very accurate reading and I was very pleased with the connection she showed with my spirits who often reveal the same things Selena disclosed to me in her reading. My mother used to say that she wanted me to connect with her after she passed and Selena was able to pick up on that, it was as if my mom was talking to me from the other side. Thanks so much for the reading, Selena. Many Blessings and Much Love to you and yours.   Theresa

Selena’s guidance was very helpful. Her reading provided me with viable solutions I had yet to realise. Thank you Selena!     John Y

Thanks Selena! icon smile Selenas Testimonials  First I need to say this: I immediately felt an angel presence as I started reading. I’ll explain more in a bit. Your reading was extremely insightful. I felt like you had this innate sense of exactly what was transpiring in my life and in your reading you brought this to the forefront. Every time I read the answer outcome I am left with a very peaceful feeling. I have been struggling with a few issues in my life and you tapped right into those vibes. You picked up on the higher power in my life. I have grown very close in my connections to Angels, guides, and my deity, Goddess. There is a depth to your understanding of what is happening in my life and you brought that all out and the insight into the outcome of it all. As I read your reading I also felt a very strong powerful presence of an angel, one of the arch angels. In fact, my lab who is near me always was sitting next to me here at my desk. She was facing behind me. Missy sees spirits and when I looked over at her she was staring at the area behind me but sort of like at the floor. She got that trancy look in her eyes that says she sees a spirit or angel. Then she started growling and went over to that area to sniff it, wagging her tail. I wish I could see them, but I can’t, only feel them. Thank you again so very much Selena, your reading has touched me deeply!    Morgana P

“Selena’s reading for me was done in a timely manner. Selena’s unique approach to readings provided me with information to better navigate my life’s situation. Thank you Selena.   Katie

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