When you ask the Tarot a question, you are putting your trust in Divine Guidance and asking Great Spirit, Higher Self, God (whatever the words are that you feel comfortable with) to throw light upon the challenges you are facing. You are sending your thoughts out into the ethers in the trust that they will be answered.

We are all connected and in truth there is no separation and even time is an illusion. Ask your question in the knowledge that what you are doing is sacred.

Breathe deeply and ask your mind to phrase your question in the best way possible. Still your thoughts, quiet your emotions and ask your question from a deep place of peace and trust within yourself.

Often the area of love and relationships causes suffering and dilemma, as we wrestle with thoughts and feelings, tossed around in a sea of emotion, seemingly out of control. Yet, paradoxically, this is an area of life that has huge potential for our learning our growth.

When you receive an answer from the Tarot, know that your question has been answered by a Higher Power. The Tarot reader acts as an intermediary, using intuition and experience, to interpret the symbolic language for you.

The cards at the top of this post are from the Rider Waite Pack laid out in Egyptian Spread. I use these to answer your questions.

Card 1 on the bottom left, signifies the situation/problem at present.

Card 2 on the top right, signifies the cause of the situation/problem

Card 3 on the top left, signifies a point of interest/something to consider

Card 4 on the bottom right, signifies advice/something to consider

Card 5 at the top signifies, the outcome of the situation


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