I have consulted Tarot readers many times in the past.  Not so often nowadays, as I consult my own cards instead, on a regular basis.  Its great to be able to do this. Here follow a few examples of the best and worst readings I have had.

Once, I was given a reading by a well known psychic, who said something to me, at which I must have pulled a bit of a face.  He responded with; ‘I’m telling you this’ in a very authoritarian sort of tone, which put me off completely.  What he foretold didn’t come to pass anyway!!

One of the best readings I ever had, was in Selby, North Yorkshire, UK. I went into the  reader’s house and was struck by the piles of washing everywhere and that the place was down at heal to put it mildly.  However, her reading was incredible and something I thought an impossibility at the time, turned out to be very true.  So, as the old saying goes; ’you can’t judge a book by its cover’.

The most life changing reading I ever had, was given to me by my brother-in-law.  He wasn’t a relative at the time of my reading, in fact my sister had only just met him. One thing that he said to me, amongst all the others, that really stuck home and has stayed with me ever since was: ‘Don’t be so negative’. He may not have used exactly those words, but he said it in such a way that I could take it on board. If it had been said in a very authoritarian way, you can be sure I would have disregarded it! He also said to me ‘You will be teaching people to live from the heart’. That’s lovely don’t you think and something I have endeavoured to do, ever since he said those words to me.

Those three readings and especially the last one, influence the way I give readings today.

Have you ever found that one small sentence or even a few words, can stand out a mile from all the other words that have been uttered and effect your life profoundly for good or for ill?

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