Intuition cat people card0011 166x300 Developing Intuition   Gaining Confidence

Having an intuitive feeling/impression about something is one thing,  acting on it is another. Acting upon the promptings of inner guidance, brings your intuition out into the material world, where you can judge its veracity, by the results you receive. You are not going to be right all of the time, you will learn from your mistakes, as much as from your successes. Giving Tarot Readings and receiving feedback is one very good way to gain confidence in your abilites.

Developing Intuition – Three Simple Exercises

Practice these exercises with a friend. Their feedback will help you to trust your intuition and build confidence in your own abilities. Try not to judge, it doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong.

First of all ground yourself – breathe deeply till you feel relaxed, then imagine that you are growing roots out and down from your feet into the earth. Ask your intuition to guide and help you.

Exercise One

Using sheets/pieces of different coloured paper. Ask your friend to concentrate on one colour at a time, while you write down the colour you sense that your friend is seeing.  Both of you can note down the colours, so that you can compare your results after a few goes. Then change places.

Exercise Two

Follow the same format that I described in Exercise One, using playing cards.  First work with the suits, then when you are more experienced work with the numbers on the cards.

Exercise Three

Imagine a very small version of yourself coming up and out of the top of your head and going into the top of your friend’s head and down into one of their feet. Gradually let this small version of yourself explore the whole inside of their body, noting the places that feel stiff, painful, blocked etc and noting any other impressions that you receive. When you have finished, bring the small version of yourself up and out of their head and back inside your own head. Thank your intuition, thank your partner, come back fully into your body. Write down your impressions and then share them with your friend and receive their feedback. Then change places.

I hope you enjoy and practice these exercises, designed for developing your intuition and that by doing them, you will gain confidence in your own inherent intuitive abilities.