Developing Intuition – Tarot And Creativity

Intuition and Creativity – there is something magical about them, they never cease to amaze and delight me. I love to develop and use these faculties within myself and encourage others to develop and use them too.

Developing Intuition -Tarot

When I first began to learn Tarot, I memorized the meanings of the cards by heart and then stuck rigidly to these meanings, as I interpreted the cards. I also used to adhere to two specific layouts, each time I did a reading (either the Celtic Cross or the Egyptian Five Card Spread).   Many many readings later, with increased confidence, the rigidly defined meanings and spreads have slipped into the background, to be replaced by spontaneous interpretation.  Often I dispense with the cards altogether. Sometimes, I will just flip one card, sometimes a few cards – whatever feels right at the time. In my case, it is experience that has given me the confidence to be flexible, spontaneous and trust my intuition.

Developing Intuition – Creativity

Similarly, when I began to compose music, I wrote each note down separately, checking and rechecking that the music sounded OK as I went along. It was a tedious and laborious process. Many songs and much music later, I now improvise a melody and layer other melodies on top of the first one. Still, every time, I am delighted and surprised  how this method works and that a piece of music seems to emerge, almost of its own volition, through this improvisational process.

A Developing Intuition Exercise For You To Do

With this in mind, I invite you to look at The Empress Card below and let your intuition guide you. Let the Empress teach you about your own creativity and show you how best to develop and use it. Ask her to show/teach/speak to you now, as you slow your breathing, concentrate and absorb the meaning of the card.  Jot down what comes to you, so that you can refer to it later. I will write my ideas down on the Impressions page, if you want to look at what I have written, please wait until you have done this exercise yourself.  I hope that you will learn something new.

Empress 180x300 Developing Intuition   Tarot And Creativity

I hope you have enjoyed this post about Developing Intuition – Tarot And Creativity.

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Empress 180x300 Developing Intuition   Tarot And Creativity