Intuitive and Email Tarot Reading – a look at the site over the last two years and wondering where next?

Well amazing! February 2012 marks the beginning of the third year of this site Intuitive and Email Tarot Reading…..

self reliance Email Tarot Reading   Where Next?

From the Fairy Healing Cards by Doreen Virtue

I have met wonderful people over the past two years of Intuitive and Email Tarot Reading’s existence and have made some very good friends. Sometimes, when I lost my confidence and allowed myself to drift into self doubt – the support and encouragement of online friends was  invaluable. I really don’t feel I would still be up and running without them.

Intuitive and Email Tarot Reading 2011

At the beginning of 2011 I started including Intuitive Impressions as part of my Email Tarot Readings. This move has  proved invaluable, as these impressions add a deeper level of symbolic meaning to the whole reading.

I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to be able to help someone who is distressed and who reaches out to me. I consider it an honour when someone asks me for a reading and I always endeavour to do my utmost to help.

In June 2011 my beloved soul mate/friend/teacher passed over and it was almost impossible for me to give readings then and for about four months afterwards.

I began an Intuition Development Newsletter towards the end of the 2011 and  so this is still in its infancy.


I have always had a very good feeling about 2012 and yes, life certainly seems to be moving on a pace personally and collectively. Personally – I am moving from Ireland back to the UK and I feel a great sense of peace growing inside me.  Collectively – there seems to be much turmoil and unrest in the world, while at the same time many people are waking up to the true beauty and power of their inner nature.

Intuitive and Email Tarot Reading in 2012

I am particularly interested in helping other people to develop and use their own intuitive powers and I intend to continue doing this in 2012.

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