I’m writing here about a simple, inexpensive way of developing your psychic abilities. Everyone has these abilities at birth, there is nothing special or mysterious about them. However, culture, expectation and social conditioning, have for the most part robbed people of these natural skills.

So, if you are interested in regaining a helpful part of yourself, here is something you can use, to begin to work your psychic muscles.

To help you to develop your psychic skills, you can simply and easily make yourself a Sand Disk. This is a low cost alternative to a crystal ball. You can then develop your psychic skills at home, any time you wish.  This does take practice.

How A Sand Disk Works

Looking at a Sand Disk is a bit like staring into a crystal ball or looking at tea or coffee grounds.  As you look at the random patterns in the sand, they gradually take on recognizeable forms. With practice, the pictures gain clarity and whole scenes and landscapes can be discerned. Enlightening information can be obtained using this method. This art is called scrying.

Make a habit of regular practice and you will find that your ability gradually improves. The use of ritual is down to personal preference.  If it helps you to centre, concentrate and dedicate your practice to a higher power, then by all means use some sort of ritual, to begin and end you practice sessions.

In a semi dark room, practice gazing not staring at the Sand Disk, light a few candles if you wish, or have a small lamp alight in a corner. Practice looking at the disc for about 15 minutes to start with and gradually increase the length of your sessions, by five minutes each time. Breathing deeply, try not to blink too much, see what appears on the surface of the disc.

After a few attempts you will see cloud covering the surface of the disc and then images will appear through the cloud. You can ask specific questions and you will receive answers in picture form. I must repeat this does take practice, don’t be put off if you don’t see anything for a few sessions.

How To Make The Sand Disk

To make a Sand Disc, simply draw a circle about the size of a dinner plate onto a piece of thick card. Spread glue over the surface of the circle and then sprinkle sand over the glue. Remove any excess sand by shaking. Its that simple! There you have a Sand Disc. You will see that the sand has made beautiful, haphazard patterns, perfect for scrying.

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