Everyone is intuitive, in some this facility is fully developed, in others its hardly functioning, like a muscle that has atrophied through lack of use.

Even though some people appear to be naturally gifted, everyone can learn to develop their intuition.  Like everything else in life, all it takes is practise

Are you aware of your intuition and how it speaks to you?  Take a minute to think before answering.

Does it speak to you through feelings, bodily sensations, ‘ knowing’, or maybe a combination of all these things?

Its important to be quiet enough to listen to your intuition.  Meditation helps to still the mind, so that you can hear what the still small voice has to say to you.

Simple Steps To Help You Develop Your Intuition

Devote a period of time on a regular basis to developing your intuition. This doesn’t have to be a very long period, just a regular practice.

1)  Sit comfortably somewhere that you won’t be disturbed and concentrate your mind on your breath – watch it moving in and out of your body. Relax more and more each time you breathe out.  Letting thoughts come and go, not struggling just being with your breath.

2)  Ask your intuition a question and wait quietly to see or feel what answer comes to you.  Begin with a simple question, something that it will be easy for you to act upon or verify. Nothing much may seem to happen, or the answer may seem vague.  This is fine.

3)  Keep a journal of these sessions; write down what you asked, the answer you received and how the intuitive impression came to you. By this I mean; does it come through a sound, a sight, a colour, a feeling, a knowing etc.  It doesn’t matter how vague the answer appears to be, because with practice the impressions will become stronger.

4)  Alternatively or additionally if you have a pack of Tarot Cards, ask your question and then pick a card from the pack. What does the card say to you?  What does it mean to you?  Do the colours and images appear to move and change?  Whatever impressions come to you from the cards, write them down, don’t edit the feelings and images you receive, just let the impressions flow.

5)  Below what you have written, leave a space, so that you can note down later what happened to you in your daily life. For example, you asked your intuition   ‘Should I contact Mary today’ and the response was ‘yes’ and you contacted Mary as a result.  Note down what happened and how you felt about what happened, as a result of listening to and acting upon your intuition.

6)  Thank your intuition for the guidance and wisdom it has imparted to you. Return to the room, your bodily sensations and your daily life.

Its through acting on these promptings and noticing the results, that you will begin to trust your intuition to guide you in the decisions that you have to make, every day of your life.

As Albert Einstein once said, Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

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