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Grateful thanks to Holly Colino for doing this Intuitive Tarot Reading Interview – November 2011

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Gillian Knebel: Perspectives on intuition and effective preparation for intuitive counsel

“Welcome to Intuitive impressions by Gillian Knebel. I was very intrigued to see a new original style of Tarot card reading by Ms. Gillian Knebel. She is the only Tarot reader that has yet to establish a website that offers these Intuitive Impressions. I was pleased to be able to interview and ask Ms. Knebel some valuable questions that pertain to Intuition. Gillian was kind enough to offer her time. “

How much time do you spend on one client to do an intuitive reading?

Usually it takes me an hour and a half. I have to spend time to clear myself of my own thoughts while tuning in to my sacred space. It takes much energy.

Describe your method to receive guidance for your clients concerns.

I first propose the question once I have reached the sacred space. I simply allow the unconscious to guide me on a journey along with inviting the Divine Spirit into the reading. Once I have finished the intuitive journey I draw tarot cards. The Tarot Spread or the numbers of cards I use depend on the nature of the client’s question. As almost always, the tarot cards synchronize with my journey information.

What do you conclude from the Tarot cards and how?

I have a great understanding of the cards after working with them for so many years. I now can look at them collectively and gather a main message. I can look at them as a whole and gather sentences. I often use the symbolism to gather meanings. I do get very strong feelings towards the cards while meditating upon them which helps to interpret the message they are sending. I have a strong ability for clairsentience, an inner knowing and guidance of feeling my way to the meaning of the message.

How have your Intuitive Abilities helped you along the way?

I feel that it takes care of me. I have become an eccentric. The ability has actually helped me with my eating. I simply know what and when to eat. I now can listen to my body and that intimacy has helped me to nurture my entire being. One really important achievement I have gained from my intuition is the mastery of knowing my divine path. I have achieved living in my truth rather than making decisions based on what others expect of me and not being happy with the outcomes.

What is your main goal to be obtained from establishing your website, Intuitive Impressions?

The immediate effect I wish to create is reducing the distress in other people’s lives. I want to help Humanity by being a conduit of intuitive inspiration. I also wish to empower Humanity and enlighten others about their Divine Self and own intuition.

What are a few things you would tell a client asking you about enlightenment of their eccentric self?

I see too many people giving away their personal power by relying on other sources incessantly for guidance. We all need help getting through problems but we must not forget that even the outside help is to support triggering the answers that always lie within us. It is important for people to trust in themselves for the answers.

One other vital factor for anyone using divination for guidance, is to propose their question with direct clarification of intent. It is important when you are  giving or receiving a reading, to make sure there is a meeting of minds. You must make the intent clear so the guidance may also be clear.


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