I am going to write a little about how intuitive readings work, from my own experience. Other Intuitives will have  different experiences/ways of working and so will describe things differently.

In my opinion, the main difference between an Intuitive Tarot Reading and an ‘ordinary’ (not that any reading can be ordinary!) Tarot Reading, is that the reader draws their tarot interpretation, directly from their intuition, rather than from a set meaning, learned from a book or other outside source.

Take for example, the Ace of Swords Card in the outcome position of a tarot spread.

Ace of Swords Intuitive Tarot Readings/How They Work

Here is a set meaning of the Ace of Swords Tarot Card:

Focus, force, clarity, insight, intensity. The appearance of this card in a reading is like drawing the sword from the stone.  The card is saying that you do have, the intelligence, strength and foresight to be able to tackle and deal successfully with whatever life is throwing your way.

So, in the outcome position of a tarot spread the Ace of Swords card, would indicate that the Querent (person asking the question) will have the strength and wherewithal to handle the situation at hand. It probably will not be easy, but the Querent will deal with the situation successfully in the long run.

Reading the Card Intuitively

This is only an example to give you an idea of what I am describing.

Looking at the Ace of Swords Card, the reader senses a feeling of unease, they see the sword wobbling slightly where it stands and see someone other than the Querent, attempting to pick it up.  So, using their intuition the reader interprets the Ace of Swords Card slightly differently, from the set meaning:  That the Querent may be fearful and have difficulty in accessing the power and strength needed, to make a success of the situation. Being forewarned of this tendency, gives the Querent the opportunity to face their fears and exercise caution, especially with regard to giving their power away.

Speaking as someone who began by giving Tarot Readings strictly from the set meanings of the cards.  Over time and with experience, I have now gained the self confidence to use the intuitive approach.

I hope this has given you some understanding of Intuitive Tarot Readings and how they work.

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