Why do people seek love and relationship advice from the Tarot?

The Tarot is for many, including me, an impartial source of comfort, insight and wisdom. This impartiality is important, for often family members and friends can offer us advice, but it is coloured by their perception of our situation. Their well meaning words can seem annoying or down right interfering, even if offered with the best will in the world.

The Tarot gives love and relationship advice and simple and profound insight into this complicated area of life.

Love and relationship issues can sometimes overwhelm us with conflicting emotions. At such times, its difficult to keep our heads above water, as we struggle with desires, needs and expectations. Its sometimes impossible to see clearly – wondering how the other person is feeling about us, whether what we are feeling is delusional, where the relationship is going?

Synchronicity And The Tarot

Maybe it seems arbitrary and illogical to you, that a pack of cards can give love and relationship advice? Yet the Tarot works within the world of synchronicity, where nothing happens just ‘by chance’ and all things are connected.

This is especially true in the area of love and relationships, where seeming ‘coincidences’  happen all the time – I have experienced this to be very true in my life. How about you?

The Language Of The Tarot

When you ask for the advice of the Tarot, the symbols on the cards and the way that they are arranged in the Tarot Spread, are messages to you from your Higher Self (The part of you that is infinite, wise and all-knowing). The cards deliver the messages to you, in the Tarot’s symbolic language of pictures. The Tarot reader interprets these symbols into everyday words that you can understand.

As well as giving clear insight and wisdom, the Tarot offers guidance and new relationship advice, as to the best way forward. This can be especially helpful when navigating through difficult and sensitive relationship dynamics . It is then up to the querent (the person asking for the reading) as to what they then do, with the advice they have been given.

Email Tarot Readings

In my own readings I use the Rider Waite Tarot for a general reading and to answer specific questions. Such as: ‘What is he feeling towards me now?’ ‘What will be the outcome of this situation?’  ‘Will he come back to me?’ etc.  I then use Angel, Fairy and Animal cards, for healing and affirmations.

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