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In this interview, Selena answers questions about her background, Spiritual Experiences and work as a Psychic Medium Tarot Reader, as well as why she prefers giving Tarot Readings by Email.

How did you discover you had abilities as a Psychic Medium?

When I was a very young child I could just “notice” or “get the feeling” that some people were “not good” – if they were going to hurt someone, or if thy were going to get into an accident and I would know what type of accident or harmful move that person would do and thing of that sort. I also knew when someone was telling tell truth, lying, or a little of both, mixed in their conversations. I would tell adults and they said “She just has an over-active imagination, or that I was lying, or that I was insanely crazy. Until the time came, that what I had said would happen ACTUALLY DID happen!” Up until then the adults just did not listen to me or what I was saying. Also, after my Great-Grandma Lee passed-away when I was 7 years old, I would see her “Spirit” and she would be talking to me and telling me things. I still see her “Spirit” to this day along with plenty of others who come to me, to help them or/and to help me.

Did your family support and encourage your abilities as a Psychic Medium Tarot Reader?

When I was younger they did not help me, but now I do get support from my family (my in-laws and my friends) they believe what I say and they encourage me to do more with my abilities, like this Psychic Medium Tarot Reader Job for instance, my husband encouraged me to “go-for-it” and let the world see and know what I can do.

Were your Ancestors Psychic?

Well, my Great-Grandma Lee was and my biological Dad is supposed to be, but I don’t even know him so I’m not sure, even though from time to time I do see a mans Spirit that I don’t know, but who knows me, not just about me but me!

How long have you been Reading Tarot?

For well over 20 years.

Why did you start reading Tarot?

I really don’t know why, but when I was 7 years old I found an old deck of Tarot Cards in the attic, and I sat cross-legged (Indian-style) on the floor and just started “playing with them” I would spread them out, scatter them around and then put 7 card face down after I would feel one of them “calling to me” then I would just flip them over. I did not know what the images on the cards meant, but since then I have felt them “calling to me” and I believe my biological Dad and my Great-Grandma Lee had a part in that. Then when I turned 15 years old, I just picked up a deck and this led me to getting more decks and learning all the information I could about them. I gave it up for a while but I came right back to them.

Please, if you would like to, share something about the experiences you had when you were clinically dead?

Well, I was in a coma for 1 month and then I flat-lined and then the actual dead part came: I could hear people in the room I was in, but could not see a thing, then I would see all sorts of stuff that I “in-a -way” believed and “in-a-way” did not believe. I saw “spirits” and people I knew from another life-time. Then I heard a “voice” if that is what you want to call it, it was neither male nor female, it was in a different language, but I could understand what it said! It said this “It is not her time send her back!!!” the voice was yelling at the Spirit Guide Keepers, to not take me any further, that I am not finished in this life as of yet!

How did these experiences impact your life and your work as a Psychic Medium Tarot Reader?

In my life at first, I had amnesia, I could only remember certain parts from my childhood. I did not know anyone from the here and now, or anything about the here and now. I was able to see Spirits and I had an unusual ability to know The Tarot Cards way better than I did before, also I would get help from “Spirit Guides” for other people, telling me things like “WHAT was UP!”

Do you have particular Spirit Guides or Helpers?
If yes, how do they help you with your work as a Psychic Medium Tarot Reader?

Yes I do have particular Spirit Guides and Helpers, my Great-Grandma Lee is always with me and that one Spirit of a man that knows me. I have others, but they don’t want me to mention anything about them – so I will not.

Why do you like giving Tarot Readings?

Because I feel as though I can do it awfully well and I sense that I can help people along my way.

Why do you like giving Tarot Readings by Email?

Because the accident that left me clinically dead, also left me handicapped and in a wheelchair, I have the privacy of being on my own to study and to  connect with the cards.  I also believe that people get more privacy from me reading their cards and giving them their answer through a private email. Also I think it is pretty neat!

How do you prepare to give an Email Tarot Reading?

I meditate on the question, I meditate in my own private space, the things that I need to have are always with me, in this space I concentrate and things “just-come-to-me”.

Do you have a particular Spiritual Practice?

Yes, I am a Pagan and Spiritualist.

What most inspires you in life?

My Husband, my in-laws, my friends and learning new things and increasing my abilities on the things that I already know–and “know about”

Is there anything else you would like to share or add to let people know more about you and your work as a Psychic Medium Tarot Reader?

I believe in the Tarot Cards and the journeys that I go on for people, I love my work!!!


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Post and Interview by Gillian Knebel

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