Eternal Love001 190x300 Relationship Questions   Ask The Tarot

Sometimes in life, its difficult to figure out what is going on within a relationship. You don’t know quite how the other partner is feeling, can’t get to grips with what you are sensing yourself, you are unsure about where the relationship is heading and sometimes you are even wondering, if its for the best to stay together.

For, love and relationships have the potential to be one of the most fulfilling areas of our lives.  Yet they can also be agonizing places, full of sadness and confusion.

This is where the Tarot can come in and be extremely helpful, as indeed I have found it to be in my own life.

Here are a few examples of questions that you can ask the Tarot.

These are only meant as guidelines, you can of course ask your own questions, there is no need to follow these ideas rigidly:

Where is my relationship with (—) heading in the next (–) months?

How does (—) feel about me now?

What can be done to improve my relationship with (—)?

What is the greatest potential in this relationship?

What can I learn from what is happening in this relationship now?

Is it possible to have a long term committed relationship with (—)?

The Process

I have found that the best way for me to answer your questions, especially with love and relationship issues, is through an email tarot conversation.

How this works;

You ask the cards your questions and I email you the Tarot’s answers and then receive your feedback on what the cards have said to you. As I do this, further insights come to me and we discover together, what is going on within your relationship, where it is heading and the options open to you.

This process is almost like that of a face to face reading, with the added bonus, that you have the words and pictures to keep and refer to, any time you want.

When answering relationship questions I include, if appropriate, a relationship spread with the reading. This outlines the underlying dynamics within a relationship and can be very helpful and enlightening.

I work with the idea, that the future is one of endless possibility and that it is how you deal with the present, that determines your future.

It was a great relief, when a trusted spiritual teacher said to me, not so long ago: ‘You can transcend your Astrological Chart’.