I offer some insights into how Tarot Card Readings work:

In my opinion, we humans each with our unique name, family, history and social setting, tend to believe the illusion that we are separate from one another. Yet in truth we are all part of the boundless self in which all things are one, we are all connected.

When I am asked for a reading its like being dialled up through the ethers and a conscious connection is made between myself and the person asking for the reading.

I attended an Animal Communication course recently which further expanded my understanding of the oneness and connection between us all.  As the workshop leader said; ‘If you heard what was going on in the thoughts of every animal you passed in the street, your mind would be bombarded by their thoughts and feelings continuously.  Its necessary therefore to concentrate your mind and energy on one individual to receive their communications’.

Likewise, it is necessary for me to be connected to someone in order to be able to give them a reading. This happens simply and easily when I am asked for one, even by someone half way around the world.

For me there is a definite process involved in giving a reading and this process has three separate stages.

1) Tuning In

It is of the utmost importance to be in the right space within myself to give the Reading. I meditate and ask for help from Great Spirit and then concentrate my mind and energies upon the person who has requested the reading.

2)  Dealing The Cards

I have several different packs of cards and use whichever pack I feel drawn to, though usually I use the Rider Waite pack, which is like a reliable old friend to me. I hold the person’s question in my mind and use my intuition to draw cards from the pack, into whichever spread seems appropriate for the reading.

3)  Interpretation

The Tarot Cards speak a symbolic language that is understood by my intuition. My logical mind gathers and sorts this intuitive information into concepts, these I then convert into words and I am then able to communicate the information to the person asking for the Tarot Reading.

To me, the  process of giving a reading is sacred and I feel honoured to be able to give readings to others, especially when they are experiencing difficulty or doubt in their lives.

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