The Tarot is pre-eminent as a guidance tool. The symbolic meanings of the cards, are always pertinent, no matter what the question. Tarot Guidance can often give you a fresh  perspective and throw light upon the challenges, dilemmas and obstacles you face. This can be very helpful indeed.

The Tarot can sometimes show the shift required to facilitate the external change that is hoped for. At the very least, seeing external events in a different light makes difficult times easier to bear.

Its true for me and I think that you, dear reader, may well have also experienced this in your life: What seems at one moment to be a dreadful calamity, can be seen in hindsight or in a new light, to be an opportunity, a blessing in disguise and sometimes even a fresh new start.

The Tarot helps navigate through the turbulent and calm waters, showing the internal and external factors that are at play. The past influences and possible future outcomes. I say ‘possible’ because in my opinion, especially in the light of the advances in science in the field of Quantum Physics. The future is one of probabiliy/possibility. The choices and attitudes taken in the present moment, determine which  possible future become reality.

In my opinion, this is the value of Tarot Guidance.  Rather than predicting the future, it can help you to understand past influences and use the raw materials of your present circumstances to create your future.

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