Tarot Questions

How to ask me your Tarot Questions.

This post will give you a good idea as to the sort of Tarot Questions you can ask me.

How you ask your Tarot Questions is an important component of receiving a helpful and satisfying Reading. 

The more accurate and precise your Tarot Question, the more accurate and precise the answers will be, so be as specific as possible.   If you ask a vague and general question, you will receive a vague and general answer. 

Video – Helpful tips on forming an effective question for a Tarot or Oracle Reading

Take some time  to formulate your Tarot Questions.

If at all possible, try to formulate your question from a quiet and peaceful place within yourself.  I realize that people are often  upset, confused or troubled when they ask me for a Reading. In which case, it is doubly important to quiet your mind, even if only for a few moments, in order to concentrate on finding a question that has the potential to give you the most helpful and pertinent answer.

Questions I do not answer are:

  • Giving exam results.
  • To do with pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Concern adultery/cheating
  • Finding Lost objects

Questions that  are difficult for me to answer are:

  • Timing questions
  • Questions that begin with the word ‘Should’
  • Questions require a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer
  • Will I get this job?
  • Will I ever be happy?
  • Will ‘x’ and I get married?

If I receive questions like those above, I tend to rephrase them anyway. In my opinion,  it is unwise to predict a fixed and unchanging future.

Ask me your questions in such a way, that the answers can give you the tools to help you achieve what you want in life.

Here is an excellent post about writing a Tarot Question that may be of great help you.

Best Tarot Questions – ones I enjoy answering are as follows:

  • What do I need to do ……in order to ……
  • How do I go about ……..
  • What is the underlying dynamic in……
  • What do I need to learn from…..
  • What is the best way to……
  • Why am I feeling……
  • What would be the probable outcome if I…..
  • How can I……so that…
  • How can I improve the……..
  • What is stopping me from……..
  • How can I achieve…… 
  • Where am I heading if I do…..
  • If I choose this option…… 
  • How can I improve my relationship with….

My Readings focus on YOU, the person who is asking me for the Reading, not on anyone else. If you ask me a question about someone else, be aware that the answer concerning the other person, is there to help you understand and learn more about yourself.

  • How is x feeling about me?
  • Why is x behaving/doing….?

Once I have answered your Tarot Questions, it is then up to you to act upon the insight and guidance offered, in order to achieve your desired goals.

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