To the logical mind it doesn’t make any sense at all, that a Tarot Reading done at a distance, for a person who I will never ever meet, could possibly have any veracity or merit to it at all.

To the mystical mind, to the right brain that knows that all things are connected, of course an Email Tarot Reading is going to be spot on, full of wisdom and very helpful for the person who requested it.

Everything in the Universe is connected, each human connected up one to another, each influencing one another, every moment of the time .

When I give a reading I’m made very much aware of this connection. The pictures on the Tarot Cards are like symbols picked out of the ethers, messages from one mind to another, to be deciphered and communicated from one to another for guidance.

There are some fascinating scientific studies in the field of Quantum Physics, coming to light nowadays.  These show that when two subatomic particles are separated even by huge distances, there is instant communication between them.  Tarot, Telepathy and other such non physical forms of  communication fit easily into the Quantum view of the world we live in.

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