If you have ever visited this site before, you will know that I am always changing things around and finding new ways of doing things. So, a new spread…..

Here is  a Tarot Spread based on  the The Six Directions.

The six directions are North, South, East, West, Great Mother Earth and Great Spirit Sky.

I lay the cards out – one card for each direction. Now I hasten to add, this is my particular way of doing this and other people may have different ideas:

  1. East, air, mental faculty. thought
  2. South, fire, sexuality, passion, drive
  3. West, water, emotions, feelings
  4. North, earth, physicality, the body
  5. Great Mother – connection to the Earth
  6. Father Sky – connection to Great Spirit 

The Six Directions Tarot Spread

Here is a practical example of the spread:

I have been wondering for a while, given the general economic situation, together with the fact that I like the idea, about bartering tarot readings. So with this idea in mind I drew the cards for the Six Directions:

me bartering Odt 2011 Tarot Spread   The Six Directions

1. Card on the right, East, air, mental faculties. thought

The Sun, bright ideas, optimistic thoughts, hopeful and promising ideas, thinking things will turn out well.

2. Card on the bottom, South, fire, sexuality, passion, drive

Six of Wands, victory won through passion, drive creating success, coming out on top with zeal and fire.

3. Card on the left, West, water, emotions, feelings

Queen of Pentacles, dealing with peoples feelings, grounded emotionally, well directed feelings, good use of emotions, kind feelings, sharing emotions.

4. Card on the top, North, earth, physicality, the body

Six of Cups, physical connection, sharing physical things, getting close through material objects, sharing precious things.

me bartering 2 Oct 2011 Tarot Spread   The Six Directions


5. Card on the left, Great Mother – connection to the Earth

Three of Pentacles, learning about connection to the Earth, student of Mother Earth, apprenticeship to the Great Mother.

6. Card on the right, Father Sky – connection to Great Spirit 

Six of Pentacles, dedicated service to Great Spirit, honouring Spirit with time, energy and material resources, many calls on time and energy from Great Spirit.



Bartering Tarot Readings would seem like a pretty good idea from all aspects of The Six Directions Tarot Spread!!

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