Meaning of The Chariot Tarot Card

Many thanks to Holly Colino for writing this guest post about The Chariot Tarot Card.

Chariot The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Chariot – Control and Assertion

Control is a way we can assert our behavior to influence what we have and what we want. We are all human, living within a part of one great interconnected Universe (Humanity). Regardless of the way we may feel, we still can control our behavior.

You ever get stuck in traffic and feel frustrated? The female/male trying to pull out of McDonalds onto route 31 has been waiting and waiting. You feel frustrated and angst to get to your destination but you yield to him/her anyways because they have been waiting to pull out of McDonalds since you were almost a mile away. Someone has to sacrifice the ½ second to allow him/her to pull out.

Human desire to be needed and to acquire power is another important factor motivating control.  There are healthy ways to embrace personal power and belongingness. Our basic bodily needs, health and stability also call for control, which elevate our level of personal power.

We can abuse our will and assertion when we are out of balance and lacking important elements of security within ourselves. Control can be abused.

Objective Meaning of The Chariot Card

The topic of control and assertion of ‘will’ brings up the objective meaning of the Chariot.

  • Am I undermined and not asserting my own will enough out of fear and power others have over me?
  • Is there an imbalance within myself and a void that I have causing me to impose my will on to others?
  • Am I feeling out of control because my focus is only one sided?
  • Have I taken accountability and looked at my own actions that have helped to create my consequences?
  • Do I lack trust and lack faith in myself and is this causing me to feel the need to give up on situations that I cannot have total control over?
  • Is there some other force or behavior I abuse in order to dodge the responsibility of coping with my situation or emotions?

William Glasser explains that we are not controlled by external events, difficult as they may be. “Nothing we do is caused by what happens outside of us. If we believe that what we do is caused by forces outside of us, we are acting like dead machines, not living people.” We must take accountability and responsibility for our actions. Justice.

As we can see from the synthesis of above context, our choices have much to do with attaining our needs and desires. These factors influence and motivate our levels of control. Personal accountability, responsibility and healthy balance to acquire self-security, influences the level of control we impose on to others and our situations.

I trust you have enjoyed Holly Colino’s Guest Post about the Chariot Tarot Card.

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