Death6 The Death Card   Some Interpretations

I am writing about The Death Card when it appears in a spread, as I have had occasion to contemplate this card and what it represents, in my own life recently.

When I give a reading and this card appears, depending on its position in the spread, I counsel the Querent to be aware of a major transformation occurring/going to occur in their life.  The death of one thing/the end of a way of being in the world.  The ending making way for a fresh new life and a new beginning. This end is inevitable and necessary, much like winter paving the way for spring. Without this death/ending there is no room for new birth and new growth.

Now, I am very aware that humans (speaking for myself here) are creatures of habit and that we can get used to something/someone in our lives, even if that someone or something is difficult or painful to bear.  So, often its not an easy thing to accept, when a situation changes drastically, or a person leaves our lives.  Major readjustment is needed, also and often a period of grieving for what has been lost.

In my case, I drew the Death Card in the outcome position, when I asked the cards about a sick cat’s health and the likelihood of his recovery. However, I couldn’t accept this card as symbolizing a physical death, I didn’t want to know.  It made me wonder, how often I give people readings and they don’t want to hear what I am saying?  Who wants to be told bad news, no matter how positively written.  I certainly don’t!

Nevertheless, when interpreting the Death Card in a reading I stress that the death referred to is a transition to another condition. For, depending on the question and the other cards in the spread, this death could refer to the ending of a relationship, to the ending of a job/situation, the ending of a way of being in the world, the necessity of making a break…or as in my cat’s case the physical ending of a life.

In my own case, the impending death of my cat has since been confirmed, both by the Veterinarian and by an Animal Communicator. If you are not aware of the possibility of communicating with animals you might find what I am saying here a bit strange.  No stranger than Tarot Readings really….another way of being intuitive, another way to bypass the rational mind and receive relevant and pertinent information to help in our lives. (I am waiting now till my cat tells me when he wants to go).

It is impossible to circumvent or sidestep Death. The old has at some point, to give way to the new, this is part and parcel of the cycle of life.

This is interesting:

I was having difficulty scanning in the Death Card, though I have had no trouble doing this in the past.  I thought my printer was malfunctioning – the ghost in the machine it seems.  I have been doing some scanning since and having no problems at all.

The following picture is of the Death Card and is the same picture as the one above, but translated into something else during the scanning process. It looks like some sort of bird to me. What do you think? Symbolic of the trans-formative nature of death maybe?

If you have any insights or thoughts about The Death Card and its meaning, please add a comment below and help all of us gain greater depth of understanding.

Death Card005 The Death Card   Some Interpretations

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