Here are some interpretations of The Devil Card that I find helpful:

Major challenge; a situation or person that you face in your life that epitomizes your deepest fears.

Negativity – your own dark side.  Dealing with your own fears, dark secrets and unresolved issues, as they appear and surface in your daily life.

The illusory nature  of matter.  The lovers that appear to be chained to the rock of matter in the picture, are not really chained at all, they can walk free any time they choose. Though the Devil looms over them and seems to control them, if you look closely this is not in fact the case.  Its a bit like the dream scenario and you may be familiar with this one…. You are being chased by a fearsome beast, you are terrified; but when you have the courage to turn and confront this horror, the beast turns out to be a great friend and helper.

The opposite of love. A relationship based in control and manipulation. When sex is used to manipulate and control. When real love is missing from a relationship

Fear, hatred, envy, greed. These seeming monsters, can be dissolved in an instant by the power of love.

Recognizing the dark side within yourself. Rather than pointing the finger at the darkness in others, acknowledging the darkness within yourself.

Instead of bemoaning a situation or individual who is causing you much difficulty, anguish and pain. Try seeing them in a different light; as your teacher, your personal life trainer, your coach. Putting you through your paces in order that you do your very best and win at the game of life.

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