In explaining how a tarot reading works and why a reading can be so helpful, I sometimes use the analogy or the river of life.

Remember the old adage; ‘Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life is but a dream’.

A Tarot Reading can be likened to a snapshot, that shows you exactly where you are on the river of your life.  The cards indicate your progress along the river; how far you have come, how the current is flowing, how near the bank you are and how fast or slow you are paddling.  The cards also indicate the conditions you have already passed through and give you a glimpse of the obstacles yet to come.

The river goes on till it reaches the ocean, there is no stopping it.  There will be quiet times when you can relax, watch the stars and paddle your feet over the side. There will be other times when the current is strong and your strength very weak and you feel that you can’t keep afloat.

The Tarot allows you to see things just beyond the next bend in the river. It can show you how to reposition yourself in the water’s flow and gives you the option to change the length of your stroke, to better be able to deal with whatever lies ahead.  It also allows you to see the waters you have gone through in a new light, conserve your strength when necessary and celebrate the whole journey and flow that is life itself.

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