The Ten of Wands

Grateful thanks to Holly Colino, for writing this Guest Post; a perceptive and concise interpretation of the Ten of Wands Tarot Card.

Ten of Wands The Ten of Wands Tarot Card Interpretation

“Amass and Congregate”

*Collecting our experiences or goods and utilizing them for a cause for the future.

* Tying up loose ends.

* Energies coming together to serve and sacrifice for a common interest.

* Carrying our burdens with us for a goal which ensures a greater future.

An example of this energy could be preparing for a trial, a group of people working together on a community project outside their day jobs, a family preparing for a move, or attending college atop your job, family and other many responsibilities.

The Ten of Wands Tarot Card will always entail some oppression (pressure). This card does mean you will be bearing the loads and you will be left alone with bearing all the burdens; you will be the bearer of all the duties.

The Ten of Wands Tarot Card will ask you if you are burdening yourself with over extension. Oppression challenges us on an emotional level. Are we yielding to others or a stigma? Are we the cause of our burdens? How can I have a clear vision if I am shouldering too many burdens? Do I always have to shoulder another ones burdens? Can I say no? Are you too narrowly focused and overcommited to one cause?

The Ten of Wands Tarot Card asks you to take a re-stock of your current lifestyle. Assess your deficiencies and excess. Take time to reflect from your experiences and regroup your priorities. Here is a story that pertains to a client sufficing the Ten of Wands energy:

Client X is living alone and does not have any family or friends. X just moved into a new town. X enrolled in college. X needs to find work while in College. X meets a friend who turns out to be a stalker while X is in college burdened with loads of homework and the college has yet to give X an advisor. X is struggling to know where they stand in college due to no advisor. X is burdened with having to find the right path in their college education and is still trying to find work in between all of the other pressures. X is being burdened by other students for help on homework and by this stalker who bombards X’s boundaries with constant threatening and sexually harassing phone calls, texts, visits to X’s apartment late at night, popping up many times while at college or the store etc. During this entire time X has no emotional support.

The Four Of  Pentacles Tarot Interpretation was written for this site by Holly Colino.

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