The Suit Of Wands in Tarot

Wands in Tarot, is associated with the element of Fire and thus with heat, warmth, energy, drive and enthusiasm.

Wands and Fire

It takes a spark to light fire, without that initial spark nothing happens. Conversely once lit, a fire can burn out of control and wreak havoc and destruction.  Fire, although unstable, is greatly valued by humanity and its power has been harnessed for Scientific and Artistic endeavours. 

The Symbol of the Wand

Control of the element of Fire, is symbolized by the image of the Wand itself.

The Wand is associated with Royalty, in the form of the Sceptre, symbolising  willpower, focused intent and power over the Temporal world. The Wand is also associated with Magicians and Sorcerers. The Wand enables the Magician to control and direct energy and to transform Spirit into Matter and intent into action. A Magician channels consciousness through the Wand into the Physical World. 

Wands in Tarot

In the Tarot, Wands represents individuality, energy, vitality and the drive to succeed and accomplish.  Without Wands, life would be flat, dull, stagnant and devoid of purpose. Wands energy is required, for any act of creation in the physical world.  Without this energy, nothing would get started or carried through to completion. Too much of this element and the ego runs amok, leaving power and will to overrun judgement and sensibility.

Wands in our Lives

The ‘flash of inspiration’ is associated with Wands, as is individuality, belief, inspiration and knowing.

We all need the energy of Wands in our lives, in order to feel impassioned about life and enthusiastic about the world around us. The energy of Wands inspires us to give direction and drive to our  talents, so that we can make creative contribution to the world and enrich our lives and the lives of others.

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Wands in Tarot (c) Gillian Knebel June 2012