Hello, I am Gillian and thank you for visiting my site. Here is a little about me and Intuitive and Email Tarot Reading.


I set up this site in January 2010. I had been working on Telephone and Chat Tarot Sites for quite some time and decided I would like to set up a Website and work for myself.  Especially, as I prefer being able to concentrate on a Reading in peace and quiet and am more proficient using the written rather than the spoken word.  Psychic Medium Selena who also prefers to work by email, joined me on the Site in April 2012.

I like to encourage other people to develop and use their own intuition and I began an Intuition Development Newsletter ‘Intuitive’ in October 2011.

About Me

I live in Devon, UK – have just moved back after living in Rural Ireland for 20 years.  I love meditating, gardening and exercise.  I value compassion and kindness very highly, also the beauty of the natural world and creativity. My intuition and sensitivity have developed slowly over the years, I certainly wasn’t born a fully fledged Psychic! My Mother and sisters are very intuitive and although this was partially acknowledged as we were growing up, it was not encouraged.  My own intuition developed within the creative art of dance for many years.

About My Tarot Background

Over the last 10 years, I have given Tarot Readings to literally thousands of people from all around the world; both from my home, by email and on phone and chat lines:  Psychic Tarot Live, Asknow, 7th Sense, Werlive and Keen.

About My Intuitive Tarot Readings

About 18 months ago I started to add Intuitive Impressions to my Tarot Readings and  in my opinion, this makes them much more full and complete. Certainly they are much more interesting and exciting to do, from my point of view. I am learning and developing my skills all the time.  I especially enjoy passing on what I have learned to others and very much value the trust that people place in me, when they ask me for a Reading. I always do my utmost to help.

About My Other Interests

I have another site One Nature where I write about Oneness With Nature, I also make music and dance and video inspired by nature and wildlife.


Intuition Development Newsletter

I am committed to helping other people develop and use their intuitive powers. If you would like to receive ongoing encouragement in developing your own intuition:  Click here to subscribe to our bi-monthly intuition development Newsletter ‘INTUITIVE’. Subscribers will automatically entered into a draw for a free Intuitive Email Tarot Reading.

Click here to order an Email Tarot Reading from me.

Intuition Development Newsletter

Develop your own intuitive powers – subscribe to the free Newsletter ‘INTUITIVE’. Each subscriber is automatically entered into a draw for an Intuitive Tarot Reading.

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