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I have consulted with Gillian for many readings over the last few months because I trust her judgment. Many of her intuitive insights have been accurate in my situation. No question was to big and no question to small, Gillian will do her best to clarify it. She will always respond with queries or questions about the reading. She does her best to point you in the right direction and always good with words of advice, even recommended books to me! I will definitely continue to consult with Gillian in the future because of her professionalism and her accuracy. Thank you Gillian.  Gavin July 2012

I came across Gillian’s websites as I was looking for someone who would do an email reading for me and my partner.  I wanted to find someone I could trust, would be honest, would not make wild promises or predictions.  What drew me was the picture and the smile. I felt comfortable  and so I sent for a reading. What came back was a very thorough and in depth reading, showing the cards that had been drawn, each clearly explained and then all were connected in a summary. In addition Gillian also adds the story she sees in her intuitive mind and again explains the symbols and meaning very clearly.  What you get from Gillian is very clear and well explained. She will never tell you that you are going to win the lottery but will show you the situation in the present and the path to your potential future. I have had 3 readings now in the past 12 months and all have been spot on, always reflecting what I could sense and giving me that extra boost of confidence to make a decision. The choice is always yours, never Gillian’s. The way it should be!  Antoine D May 2012

Gillian’s readings are the best I’ve had.  Her insight is so valuable and the care and attention she gives to each reading delivers a concise, informative and clear take away that I’ve not seen elsewhere.  Not only does she give an intuitive impression, she also interprets that impression for you so you’re not left wondering “what does that mean?!”.  I’ll certainly continue to consult with Gillian.  Stefani G  February 2012 

I am so happy to receive it, honestly, I have never received such insightful tarot reading, everything tarot said is true……I was struck how correct your Intuitive impressions are!’   Joanna K  November 2011

‘Gillian’s reading helped me begin to see some aspects of my life in new ways. She is accurate, honest and caring. She also helped me trust my own intuition and develop it more and more.  Thank you’. Mary September 2011

‘I am so grateful to Gillian Knebel for her unsurpassed love, kindness and deep concern. When my emotional level was at it’s lowest and most confused, Gillian showed me light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I never met Gillian yet she went out of her way more then anyone to help me. Gillian never asked me for anything except in how she could be of help to me. I thank God for her overwhelming generosity and spiritual insight. God bless Gillian Knebel’.  Nick P  May 2011

”Gill’s readings for me have been excellent and exact, so far much as her intuition described a certain person that i have great loving feelings for that has left for what looks as 2 years but should return some day. I have got great hope from this reading as the person was seen in my future and not my past, and hope is something we all need in life.  Gill’s reading also described my current situation and what happened leading up to it, but again the outcome was positive which i am grateful for. But the thing i respect most with gill is her commitment to what she does and the way she treats people is nothing short of a lady. I felt listened to by her and thats what i aspire to as a person’.  David C   January 2011

Gillian’s readings have been very helpful to me. With them I have gained much insight about myself and my relationships. At first I was kind of skeptical due to the fact I have tried others but her readings were just so clear and they didn’t just have to do with events but how I should perceive myself and my own feelings. She is also incredibly accurate with her predictions. My one desire was to know when a specific person was going to talk to me, and with a little assistance and help she accurately predicted when this person was going to speak with me again. I will definitely be referring back to Gillian for any other advice.  Jacob S   November 2010

“Gillian is a genuine lady and after 2 readings from her I will most certainly use her again.  Her readings, particulary the last one, show insight and are very clear.  She cares about responding to your reading and not just for financial gain.  I would recommend her for sure.”  Avril  October 2010

‘First of all I must say that God is speaking to me through Gillain. I am going through all bad times in relationship since past 4 months. I was very confused to see if I should put my efforts to make it work out. I was just browsing through all sites to understand and read tarot when I found Gillian. I have asked her several question on my relations. Her interpretations are very insightful specially why things have not worked between us she has answered it without knowing much about us, Without seeing someone how can someone give such a perfect reading, Gillian is an example of the same. Every time I see her putting her heart in the reading. Very committed to her work. She is doing very holy work of reading destiny of people and guiding them through out’.    Rashmi

“I’ve been down on my life. My Beloved Fiance and me are having a hard time. I’m so grateful that Gillian took the time and do a reading for me. to see whats in our life and future.What I’ve understand from my reading is that I need to rejoice my feelings and become a man. My past been bringing me down. My lover isn’t feeling the same because I’m suffocating her with too much love that turn into an obsession. I love her dearly but I didn’t want to put it to a point that she’ll leave me for this. She understands whats going on and everything. Then she wants me to become a better person. After this reading I’ve learn a lot what I have to do to accomplish that. I have the determination, the smarts, the love, and the faith I need to become a successful life, and a beautiful love that will last for a life time. Thank You Gillian I appreciate everything.”  Akuma W

‘Gillian, I want to say so much thanks to you. Your reading has been a guidance to me all these months. Your cards have never been so true that me myself has never realized it before. You are just like a fairy godmother to me, giving me hopes and light’.  Angeline G

‘Gillian is not only one of the most accurate and insightful tarot readers that I have encountered, but she also genuinely cares and worries about her clients. She always has a kind word of advise.’  Adriana L

‘Thank you so much I enjoyed the reading very much many thanks for this awesome reading the best reading I ever had’. Nesma H

‘ You have given me things to think about, nudges in the right direction, so to speak so I am grateful for that THANKS!!!!’  Tamlyn

‘Thanks for the reading, it was very good, I could take on board all that you said, and will keep in mind the points that you made’  Maria

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